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Winodze and Linux Wimps !

Your right Mark,
Ah the good old days when I had to key in the boot loader in binary via
front panel swithces on a Honeywell 316, just to read the first disk sector
and boot the custom OS.These wimpy Windoze and Linux heads, have got no idea
whats going on inside their computers !! ;)

73's Dave VK3DXL

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: Man oh man, you guys are such cyber-wimps. Why
: do you need the crutch of a directory system like
: DOS, or a monitor for that matter. When I was
: growing up we learned how to program on a PDP 1107,
: this machine has paddle swithches for input and
: a bank of LEDs for output. It worked fine then
: and it works fine now. EDLN and VI, who needs all
: that fancy stuff? and what is it really good for
: anyway?
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