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RE: Wondows Question

> Even some (if not all?) of our Microsats use a version of DOS 
> called qCF
> (by Quadron, not Microsoft).  Would you support a "21st Century" OSCAR
> satellite that was powered by Windoze?  How long do you think it would
> be in operation before it crashed?

Hehehe, good point!  Simple OS's such as DOS certainly do have many
applications for embedded systems (like a satellite IHU).  But the thought
of a satellite running MS-Windows is rather scary.  Hmm, maybe that's a way
to get regular travel and DXing in space by signing up to be the support
person?  Have to go up and reboot the bird every few days? ;-)

Would be a nice bit of DXing on the way to the bird. ;-)

Linux would make me feel a lot more comfortable, though even that would be
overkill in a lot of cases.  With software and systems which must run
reliably while unattended, simplicity is a must, as every line of code in
the OS increases the risk of a serious bug which might kill the system, and
decreases the probability that the bug will be found during code auditing or
testing.  DOS will remain a potentially good choice for embedded systems for
years to come, because of its relative simplicity.

> Most of the kids I know today happily dump Windows for Linux after I
> show them what it can do.  I wish turning them into hams were as easy!

Hehehe, true. :-)  
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