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Re: Wondows Question

On Wed, 25 Oct 2000, GPersons wrote:

> Like it or not, pure DOS is on its way out.

Pure DOS?  As in MS-DOS?  I agree.  Microsoft killed it.

> All of you DOS pounders are going to have to concede to the 21st
> century and start running Windows. 

I'll concede to the 21st century when it actually begins in a few months,
but until then, there are other "flavors" of DOS still in development
for royalty-free projects and projects involving embedded systems.

For evidence, please see:


The truth is, most computers these days aren't PCs.  They are everyday
home appliances, and small OSes such as DOS and Embedded Linux are being 
used in a growing number of these applications.  DOS (not MS-DOS) is far
from dead.

Even some (if not all?) of our Microsats use a version of DOS called qCF
(by Quadron, not Microsoft).  Would you support a "21st Century" OSCAR
satellite that was powered by Windoze?  How long do you think it would
be in operation before it crashed?

> Windows may not be the best OS out there, but it is certainly the most
> used and we are stuck with it, like it or not.

*Sigh*  You're stuck with it only if you WANT to be stuck with it.

> There will be a day, I feel, in the not to distant future when kids
> will say, DOS, what is that?  I, for one, like to be a Window watcher!

Most of the kids I know today happily dump Windows for Linux after I
show them what it can do.  I wish turning them into hams were as easy!

73, de John, KD2BD

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