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Re: Re: Windows Question

At 01:45 PM 10/25/2000 +0000, Clive wrote:

>I use normally use YARN for reading this mailing list.  Although its
>the best reader I've found so far for reading large lists, such as
>this one, it's a bit messy to use with Windows.  I'm currently
>evaluating POP-3 news readers & mailers. Can any one recommend a good
>reader for this list?  Needs to put the subjects in threads.

I now read the amsat list with my mail program, Eudora. It never even 
occurred to me that there were mail programs that organized the material by 
thread. I have Eudora send the messages automatically to a designated 
mailbox. That helps but it surely would be wonderful if I had a mail 
program that could organize all the past and present messages by thread, 
date and author and would allow me to search for text etc. Then I would 
have no need for the server to do it for me.

I have been a GUI user since 1984 (Macintosh) and now Windows. Maybe it is 
time to see what DOS offers.

ron w8gus. 
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