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Re: Windows Question

I have been very interested in this thread.   I had been wondering 
about Windows ME, so will have a look at the Langa web site.

I still make a lot of use of DOS.  Over the years I have obtained 
much DOS software which I find easy to use and adequate for most 
purposes.  Titles include 4DOS (DOS shell), GALAXY (WP), SIMON 
(Editor like SideKick), ASEASYAS (spreadsheet), QBASIC, Personal C, 
Turbo C, & YARN (Internet mail & news).

The main reason for using Windows 3.1 & more recently 98 is that much 
of the recent software needs it. Many internet sites now require you 
to use the latest browsers, which need Win95/8.

I have found that there is a long learning curve to transfer to  
Windows after using DOS & other earlier operating systems (DEC). I 
find that many of the Win applications are tedious to use, and tiring 
on my eyes.

I've set up my computer (with Partition/Boot Magic) so that it can 
boot up in pure DOS or Win98, each having its own separate C: 
partition. The remaining partitions are common to both operating systems.

I use normally use YARN for reading this mailing list.  Although its 
the best reader I've found so far for reading large lists, such as 
this one, it's a bit messy to use with Windows.  I'm currently 
evaluating POP-3 news readers & mailers. Can any one recommend a good 
reader for this list?  Needs to put the subjects in threads. 

Finally a rather worrying trend.  I've noticed that there is now no 
simple programming language suplied with Windows, eg QBASIC.  This 
must discourage users from writing simple programs, and I've noticed 
that there isn't much software around in source code form these days. 
 Visual BASIC is available, but is fairly expensive, and rather 
complicated for simple applications.

         Clive    G3CWV

         Hitchin, North Hertfordshire, UK.       

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