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Re: Tracking Program?

In article <001101c03ddf$8171e3e0$eb55aad0@larik>, Larry Sleznikow
<larik@tds.net> writes
>A few days ago someone posted a link for a tracking program written by
>someone in England. I put it in bookmarks to look at later and somehow lost
>it. Can somebody recall it.

I think the one to which you are referring was by James Miller, G3RUH.

Probably a better bet at this time is the PREDICT program by John,
KB2BD. You can get this from the following URL:-


This program is fast, accurate, Y2K compliant and is probably one of the
most user friendly tracking programs around.

It is available for both DOS and Linux but runs quite happily in a DOS
box under Windows. I have tried both versions and am impressed with both
of them.

BTW, if you're going satellite big time then go for WiSP by Chris


Ken Collins - G4FIP
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URL:- http:/www.g4fip.cwc.net
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