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InstantTrack 1.50 released

I'm pleased to report that InstantTrack version 1.50 is now available.

This is more than just a Y2K fix, but not a major rewrite. Everything
you love about the original InstantTrack is still there. It's still a DOS
program, and now runs on even more machines than before.

A complete description of all the improvements runs to 17 pages,
so I won't try to list them all here. Instead, I'll refer you to the new
InstantTrack web pages:


There, you will find all the info. There's a walkthrough with screen
shots, the 17-page description of all the changes, and even the
complete 72-page user manual, and more.

InstantTrack 1.50 on diskette will be available at the AMSAT Space
Symposium this weekend in Portland, Maine, the 11th anniversary
of the release of InstantTrack 1.00 at the 1989 Symposium by the
original author, Franklin Antonio, N6NKF. After the 2000 Symposium,
1.50 will be available on diskette from the AMSAT-NA office. Soon,
it will also be available from AMSAT organizations in other countries.
In addition, for your convenience, InstantTrack 1.50 can be ordered
online and downloaded immediately. Go to the above web page and
click on "Get it now!" to order.

100% of proceeds from InstantTrack go to support AMSAT.

My thanks to Franklin and to a terrific group of beta testers from
all around the world who helped with this project. My abject apologies
for missing the Y2K deadline and delivering a year late.

73  -Paul

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