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RE: Re: Windows Question

And speaking of Dos programs, InstantTrack 1.5 is now available. I went to
download it but couldn't. Guess I'll call Martha next week and get a copy.

At 05:30 PM 10/24/00 GMT, you wrote:
>Vince Fiscus, KB7ADL <vlfiscus@mcn.net> wrote:
>>At 09:54 PM 10/23/00 GMT, "laura halliday" <marsgal42@hotmail.com> wrote:
>> >May I ask what DOS programs people still run? The
>> >only command-line DOS programs I've run in years
>> >have been fdisk and format...
>>This information can be found in Books. I'm surprised people
>>don't read anymore.
>Oh. Sorry. You're right, of course. :-)
>Sorry to be so clueless on the subject - my computer has a
>penguin inside it (it came on a CDROM, not in a book), and
>all my computer books have penguins in them.
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