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RE: Radio Tracking Fun

> are great during short-lived "emergencies" involving humans and human
> property. Is there anyone on this list interested in 
> expanding "services"
> to the longer-term ecological emergency at hand. It's the 
> year 2000 and
> Hams have got to get with it... as pointed out several times 
> on the list
> recently...

Well, there would seem to be some potential in this idea.  Certainly, if we
can benefit the world somehow, it would be nice.  And besides, it's another
use to put the bands to. :-)

As for Doppler tracking versus APRS, it depends on what you're tracking.
APRS does require a GPS and access to the GPS network for unattended
tracking of objects.  Might be a bit expensive for tracking animals. ;-)
However, integrating Doppler satellite data with the APRS network might be
an interesting exercise, and one which might yield benefits for animal

Similarly, observations from ground based stations (with the traditional
tracking gear) could be uplinked to APRS as well by normal APRS means (GPS
or manual entry).
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