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RE: Re: Windows Question

> >Good for you. So who do you call for support or to get a
> >driver for unsupported hardware??
> You either fix it yourself, or you collaborate with others
> to solve the problem. If you bought a commercial distribution
> it may include support - many of them do. I use Slackware
> and have never encountered a problem I couldn't solve. Since
> this seems important to you, please elaborate (privately)
> on the support issues you have faced and how you have
> solved them. I'm curious...

I tend to operate in the same way.  In fact, I find Linux's collaborative
support network to be excellent when trying to solve problems.  By
comparison, I've had a dismal success rate when it comes to commercial
telephone support, probably around 20%, maybe less (that may have to do with
the fact that anything I refer to outside support is usually near the wierd
end of the spectrum. :-) ).  With the various support available for Linux,
as well as web/email/newsgroup resources for commercial products, I've had a
pretty good success rate.

> The only truly unsupported hardware is that which is not
> documented - the open nature of Linux and the collaborative
> nature of Linux development make it straightforward to
> develop support for new hardware, if programming infor-
> mation is available.

Not being a programmer, this side doesn't help me as much, but there are
certainly many talented programmers working on Linux , drivers or software
for the OS.

> I am not interested in being an apologist for Linux, nor
> am I interested in rebutting Microsoft's increasingly
> hysterical FUD - I've seen the ads, and I've seen the web
> pages. Linux works for me. Which is all it needs to do.

If it works, use it!  I use both Windows and Linux, each for different
things.  Even in my ham usage.  I use Windows for the graphical stuff (the
Linux box isn't up to running X), and Linux for the rest of my packet usage
(it's much more efficient and stable).

As for satellites, all that's done on Windows, again, the graphical nature
of satellite tracking suits my Windows box better.
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