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RE: Re: Windows Question

> > May I ask what DOS programs people still run? The
> > only command-line DOS programs I've run in years
> > have been fdisk and format...
> > 

i still run spfpc, a full screen editor that i use to edit all my html coding. i 
have not found an editor that will do the things that it will do. ie... shift a 
block of lines left or right, copy a block of code from one window to the 
same position in another window within the same character positions. edit 
actual hex characters instead of ascii.

then there is the great program, instant track. i have about 3-4 basic 
programs that calculate grid squares from lat/long and the reverse. 
personally, i prefer to delete my programs and directories from the dos 
command line. they delete and don't go into the trash can. i don't like 
having to point at a folder, click another sub folder, right click on the file(s) 
and then click on delete. too many steps. same thing with move. i can 
type so fast that the command is done and gone by the time i did click, 
click, click, click, click and hold, drag, drop. 

but then again, some of us are just plain old strange.


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