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RE: Re: Windows Question

> May I ask what DOS programs people still run? The
> only command-line DOS programs I've run in years
> have been fdisk and format...

For hamradio, I use LA8BX hellschreiber program, which allows to key 
CW transmitters, and some old programs for finding locator and 

I'm very sad that G3RUH STP tracking software has not been modified 
for Y2K, because it was very fast, reliable and allowed to have table 
of next passes very simply.

What's interesting that in my job (I'm a researcher in palaeobiology) 
a number of DOS program are still used.
They are topic-specific statistical and GRAPHICAL programs, which 
were developed over years by the cooperation of several colleagues 
and are still state-of-the-art (or that became standard) for our 
activity. Often their results are imported in some Windows program 
for further editing, and including all this fancy fonts, and so on.

By the way... I have to use sometimes Lotus 1-2-3 for some graphical 
features that MS-Excel does not provide.

All these programs still run under Windows NT4

73 Aldo IZ1ANT

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