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RE: Re: Windows Question

Hello Ronald!

23 Oct 00 07:19, you wrote to All:

 RL> But few point out the downside of the patch: If you hack the OS at a
 RL> low level, you'll make yourself ineligible for tech support for the OS
 RL>  itself--- and probably for any software, as well. All the support
 RL> tech has to ask is "did you apply a real mode patch" and if you did,
 RL> he or she can probably legitimately deny you any tech support you'd
 RL> otherwise be eligible for because the OS itself has been modified.
 RL> So, patch away if you want to--- but be aware of the possible
 RL> consequences.

The question is how much you value MS tech support.  I assign it zero value, so
would have no qualms applying such patches.  All rather academic for me, as I
use NT anyway.

Tony, VK3JED

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