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RE: Re: Windows Question

At 09:54 PM 10/23/2000 GMT, you wrote:
>May I ask what DOS programs people still run? The
>only command-line DOS programs I've run in years
>have been fdisk and format...

The only ham program I have that *needs* real-mode DOS (rather than
protected-mode DOS-in-a-window) is HamComm 3.0, which is a RTTY/AMTOR
terminal program.  I have a Windows replacement for the RTTY part
(actually, there are several, but MMTTY is the best) and am waiting for an
affordable AMTOR terminal.  HamComm 3.0 *almost* works in Windows, but not
quite (the registered version, which I have, supposedly runs under Windows
but I never got that working particularly well, and with soundcard software
advancing, there isn't the need)

Unless I need to run my Linux partition, I very seldom shut down to DOS to
run a program.

You missed a bigger question, though:  What will happen to 16-bit Windows?
A good number of ham programs--including WinOrbit--are 16-bit Windows.  A
significant source of BSOD's stem from problems in the 16-bit layer and I
wonder if MS is looking at this for Whistler.

Take care,


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