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Help with Ten-Tec transverter with a RS HTX-10 please.

Trying to get a Ten-Tec 1210 2m-to-10m transverter built so that I can hook
it to a Radio Shack HTX-10 10 meter radio for 2 meter SSB (satellite uplink
and VHF SSB as well as possible IF for microwave).

The transverter specifies 4-20 watts input maximum and the HTX-10 outputs 25
watts.  Its not like the old HTX-100 that had a 25 watt and a 5 watt

How can I cut the power out on the HTX to under 20 watts (preferable 15) to
avoid wrecking my transverter?   The transverter includes a dummy load
inside that can handle up to 20 watts but I wonder if that could be changed
to handle a slightly higher input?

Thank you,
Steve   KC5TTY  in EM04

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