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RE: Re: Windows Question

> A lot of favorite microcontroller and DSP tools still
> run on DOS as well as logic programmers that can't handle
> Windows erratic timing.
> Lots of older systems out there running various versions
> of NOS on DOS as well...

Depends on how well one knows DOS.  i'm always ducking into the command
prompt to run something.  As for actual dos software, my list includes:

email (yes, except for the network interface, it's all DOS based at home!)
Grid locator software
Some RF/antenna design s/w (e.g. DL6WU Yagi designer)
Not to mention various command line utilities that are a part of Windows,
but which I prefer to do at the prompt, because it's less fiddly. :-)

Just to name a few that I use frequently.  For the record, I run Windows NT
4.0 (will have to upgrade to Win2k one day... eeek!), and the listed
software runs perfectly.
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