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Re: 2.4 Gig

In message <>, Peter
Rogers <progers@lightspeed.ca> writes
>       Hi, I have a Myers Dish and a UEK-2000 SAT by SSB electronic, it has a 
>3 ft length of RG 8/U [large size].
>My question is, there must be a fair amount of loss at 2.4G, is it worth while
>to change to 1/4 heliax, the 1/4 being easier to handle than, say, the 5/8
>       I have heard a signal on it as is, but I should be able to improve it
>with the heliax???

What feed Peter??

And is the RG8 from the feed to the converter? or from converter to
shack? Guess at 3ft prob dish to feed?

Better to use a 3ft length of superflex or similar 3/8 inch dia.

I use a length of hardline which represents less blocking of the dish
and is very light too.

you will loose some signal using the RG8 at 2.4

Simon GM4PLM

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