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Re: Best Sat rig 847 desensing

The mode J desense problem can be very difficult to troubleshoot, but the 
first thing I would recommend is seeing if it is related to having a preamp 
in the 70 cm line.  

I used to run separate rigs, an IC-290A and an IC-490A, old mobile 10W rigs, 
and had a 70 cm preamp in the attic and a 100 W 2 m amp in the shack.  
Desense was not a problem with both the preamp and amp off.  It was a minor 
problem with the preamp on.  It was a terrible problem with the preamp and 
the amp both on.  When I later "upgraded" to an IC-820H and ran barefoot (45 
W on 2 m), I never noticed any desense, even with the preamp on.  I always 
assumed the 820H receiver was just better at rejecting the overload from 2 m, 
but cannot explain why it worked just fine with the preamp where the old rig 
would not.

These days I'm just running "split" mode using an FT-100, so desense is not a 
problem :-)  ... waiting for the IC-910D to be released.  

One note on the new Kenwood TS-2000 (besides it's hard-to-like styling), the 
sub-band is listed as only for 2m and 70 cm, so mode A is not available full 
duplex--something the FT-847 (and the old FT-726R) does well.
Jerry, K5OE

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