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Re: Best Sat rig 847 desensing

A picture of the Kenwood TS-2000 is on the back cover of Nov QST.

Check the archives of the FT-847 bulletin board and you will find several 
posts concerning mode JA desensing.  The FAQ has info on this problem also 
but the attribute the problem to third harmonics and the close proximity of 
the antennas. In my rig, this was not the case as I tried antennas over 100 
ft apart, dummy loads, grounding and everything else I could think of.  My 
820 does not have a desensing problem with my station configuration.  I can 
use the 847 for tx and the 820 for rx with no problem and vice versa.

I discovered a "spur" was transmitted by the 847 at 145.950 and was received 
at 435.850.  The rig was returned to yaseu for warranty service twice for 
this and other minor problems not related.  The rig was kept for over 30 days 
the first time and the desensing problem was not addressed.  The second time 
the rig was kept for 45 days waiting for a "fix from Japan."  Although the 
spur was moved out of the satellite band, I could still hear an increase in 
the noise level on 70cm when the mic is keyed on 2m.   I asked Yaseu several 
times to replace the unit to no avail.

I am not active on mode JA at the present time, but when I am, I find it much 
easier to use separate rigs for tx an rx.

David KE4YYD 
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