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Re: Arrow Mod

   From: "Christopher Cox" <cobox@urec.net>
   Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2000 20:46:58 -0400

   > The 2m antenna just wouldn't do anything sensible.

   2 meter Arrow antenna's configured in an X ( 3 and 3 elements )

   Link the two with a 16.2" section of RG62.
   1.5 VSWR or less! 

I presume this was two sections of coax, one for each antenna, and
they connect at a T to 50 ohm coax?

And, a question, is it significant where you measure the length?
Should it be from the tips of the center conductor of the connectors,
or some other place?  Like where the two parts actually come together
in the T?  

73, doug
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