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Rotator ?


   Recently I purchased a box containing 2 rotators (an offer to good to
turn down).  I thought they were both Alliance U-100s.  I am sure that one
of them is, but upon opening the other I am not sure what it is.  On the
outside it looks like a U-100 (even says Alliance on it).  The rotator has a
4 wire connection.  Inside is a rotating tube (like the U-100) and a
"pancake motor".  There is no wheel with a bump on it that drives the
clicker box.  Instead there is circular resistor (wire wound) that is
stationary around the rotating tube.  There is a wiper that rubs on the wire
wound resistor attached to the tube (i.e. it should provide feed back as to
the position of the rotator).

     Does anyone know what this is?  Anyone have an idea what kind of
voltages are to be used on this rotator?  Anyone have a pamphlet (user
guide, etc.).

Thanks and 73,
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