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Re: tracking through APRS, LINUX he said.

On Fri, 20 Oct 2000, Alex wrote:

> I do not try to limit the use of my program to only cater to D7s and
> D700s you seem to concentrate on. If there's someone with a
> (Palm)PocketAPRS setup and wants to use his or her IC-W32A/E then I'd
> like to serve them too.

Its a tradeoff.  Anyone with such a device can already run any kind of
tracking program they want.  Why waste bandwidth transmitting
once-a-minute satellite data to someone that has in his hand a device that
can run any tracking program he wants?

Also, he cannot monitor 144.39 for the data and operate on the satellite
channel at the same time.

> but the scope of users I have in mind is everyone, not just people who
> happen to have a D7 and D700.  Since my projected range is only 30 miles
> (1 or 2 digi's), the deliverance of the objects to the clients will be
> much more timely than having one server for a radius of say 300 miles.
> <snip>.. 

My concerns were based on a general resistance of the APRS community to
seeing 10% of their channel capacity consumed by satellites that they have
no capability of working.  Some new operators have put APRSdata.exe on
line in some areas and in their excitement, started transmitting all the
satellites (30+) instead of just the ones that can be worked mobile or
from an HT.  The result was a kneejerk overreaction that forced him to
take the program off the air.  Killed the golden goose..

Wheras if he had limited it to only the recommended 5 or so packet and FM
voice satellites that can be worked by the mobile/ht users, it would not
have been as noticible and would have been accepted as a useful use of
bandwidth... instead of a waste of precious bandwidth..

> ...Id rather let the local community choose what the need is than that 
> I determine that for them as a programmer...

Yes, my concerns are about how such a progam might be used, not how it is
written.  The North American continent wide 144.39 data channel is a
precious asset, I'm just overly cautious about putting stuff there that
might be unwelcome in some areas.  But as long as it is kept local, then
as you say, it is a local issue...

I welcome such applications that feed useful LOCAL data to the hundreds of
tiny-web-pages that can be displayed on the front panel of these APRS

For details see http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/satinfo.html

de WB4APR, Bob

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