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Re: tracking through APRS, LINUX he said.

Hello Bob et al,

I do not try to limit the use of my program to only cater to D7s and
D700s you seem to concentrate on. If there's someone with a
(Palm)PocketAPRS setup and wants to use his or her IC-W32A/E then I'd
like to serve them too. Same goes for people with a HamHUD setup and
possible future applications. I did format the objects so they will fit
nicely on a D7 front panel, but the scope of users I have in mind is
everyone, not just people who happen to have a D7 and D700. 

Since my projected range is only 30 miles (1 or 2 digi's), the
deliverance of the objects to the clients will be much more timely than
having one server for a radius of say 300 miles. You educated us many
times on the decreasing chances of a packet making it to its destination
when the number of digis increases. I try to apply these lessons by
limiting the range. The inherent consequence of the limited range is
that my service will not load other networks.

I would like to treat tracking information as local information, very
much like Tiny Web Pages. This way you can serve the needs of a local
area much better than trying to set up something that will have to serve
everyone in a large area. Also, almost any parameter will be
configurable. Which satellites to broadcast objects for, at which
frequency when not in sight, the frequency when they are in sight, which
path to use, etc. I rather let the local community choose what the need
is than that I determine that for them as a programmer at the time of

This will be my last post on this on this list on this subject, since
it's really more about APRS and its idiosyncrasies than satellites. We
can take this discussion off list or resume on the APRS sig if you like.
My initial question has been answered, and I thank all of you who helped
me with that.


Bob Bruninga wrote:

> No, APRSdata.exe does not work under linux.  I would welcome such a
> program.  


> At least that is what we have learned over the last year of designing
> APRSdata to fulfil this need.  A Linux version would be welcome.  But we
> only need a dozen or so people running these to severe the entire country.
> de WB4APR, Bob
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