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Re: tracking through APRS, LINUX he said.

On Thu, 19 Oct 2000, Christopher Cox wrote about Centralized Satellite
tracking for updating all mobiles and HT's:

> So...What you are saying is you have a version of APRSdata for Linux? It
> will broadcast relevant information for all Ham Satellites?

No, APRSdata.exe does not work under linux.  I would welcome such a
program.   I was only telling you all the things that APRSdata did and how
it was matched to the need and how it painstakingly matched its formats of
info to match the number of characters and display format of the D7 and
D700 so that all of the relevant information about each satellite fit
perfectly on their front panels.

Also, we recommend NOT transmitting all satellites but only transmitting
those 5 to 8 satellites that are workable from a mobile or HT to minimize
loading on the APRS network. This follows from the overall concept of

1)  The reason for doing this centralized tracking and then updating the
front panel displays of all the HT and MOBILEs within a few hundred miles 
is so that *they* can work the satellites without any need for a laptop or
tracking program.

2)  These same stations and radios do not have all mode capability, and so
there is no reason for them to be made aware of the other satllites in

3)  The other satelites are predominatly worked by home stations or
relatively fixed installations and they already have computers or laptops
or other means of being informed of the location of the satellites.

4)  Limiting the object transmissions to only those satellites that are
workable from an HT/Mobile and only once a minute when in view still adds
over 600 packets a day to the APRS network.  Including all satellites
would triple this load and raise objections from the general APRS

At least that is what we have learned over the last year of designing
APRSdata to fulfil this need.  A Linux version would be welcome.  But we
only need a dozen or so people running these to severe the entire country.

de WB4APR, Bob

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