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Re: ICOM CI-V bus controlling SAT-shift

At 05:58 PM 10/19/2000 +0200, Sven Alexaner wrote:

>to control older ICOM-Radios, they must have an UX-14 Interface board.
>This Interface board is no more available by ICOM.
>A couple of month ago, Ron Long announced on the AMSAT list that
>he'd called Icom for the UX-14 Interface option and that they were willing
>to sell the programmed chip for $38.  I believe they are now drawing up
>some schematics and trying to figure what it would cost to duplicate one of
>I received this Info from John, W2FS.
>Does anyone know if these chips are available now? I would like to design a
>new board around it and put it on my homepage for anybody to download.
>Thanks for any Info!!
>Sven Alexander, DG3GBQ

I am not pursuing the UX-14 project. However I do have the following and 
can send to W2FS if he wants.

I borrowed a UX-14 from amsat member k8rsp. I photographed the front and 
rear and have them in digital form. I have schematics and parts lists from 
Icom, the user manual, and some notes that I made. Beware that this gadget 
is more complex than you think. There are parts top and bottom, fairly 
dense surface mount. But it is certainly doable by anyone with good pcb 
layout skills. This has been a longstanding problem for many amsat members 
with the ic-271/471 radios and it would be nice to help them.

ron w8gus.

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