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Attic mounted Direct TV

Since I have a Direct-Tv 1 meter dish on a tripod for demonstrations, I
decided to check its performance through a ROOF, as in attic mounted.
The unit has a bar graph signal meter for use during alignment.  It goes
from 0 to 100.  Here are the results:

In the clear                 92
With 1/4 Plywood             80
With 7/16ths Plywood         77
With 3/4 Plywood             60
with 3/4 pressed masonite    70  (feels denser than plywood)
with 3/4 inch stack of paper 80  (maybe I missread 80 and should be 60?)
with 1.5 inches Plywood      43
Drops out completely         35

I have no idea if the scale is at all linear or logrithmic, and my arm was
to short to both hold the wood and see the monitor (bolted together) well.
So your mileage may vary.  ALso, I had no roofing felt or other materials
to try.  I held these infront of the feed, not the entire dish.

With digital, of course, the picture is always perfect.  You dont loose
any quality until it drops out completely.  But of course, most of this
margin is needed in case of rain.  But it looks to me like it will work
through a simple 3/4" roof and shingles barely as long as it isnt raining

BUT, ALIGNMENT and FINDING the satllite will be a painfully tedious
process and very frustrating.  It is hard enough with a full signal.
FInding it with such a low margin will not be fun...

de WB4APR, Bob

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