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RE: Prod to be SAT operator.

>     Hey people! I think we are really fantastic!
>     A lot of HAM friends here call me "UFO" because of my radio
> operations on the birds.

Hehe, you'll have to educate them. :-)

>     I am trying to interest other friends on this new kind of radio
> working.
>     There is not ONE contest or field day wich a sat sector.
>     All in band, all mode but not sat.

We don't have a contest specifically allowing satellite contacts either, but
at least one, Radio on Rails, a local "novelty" contest, allows contacts via
repeaters, whether they're on the ground or in orbit.  I've scored a couple
of points that way. ;-)

>     So... i am alone in this part of the island. Palermo's radio club
> count more then 400 operators and only me on the sats and 
> this is a lost
> battle before begin.
>     Every time i receive emails from the list i am happy bcs 
> of persons
> like Tony, Bob, James and the others and i don't feel alone anymore.
>     But i am alone here.
>     How i could interest the other guys on the sats world?

Publicity and demonstrations!  You may be interested in what I'm doing down
here.  I've been conducting a series of presentations on satellite operation
around the local radio clubs.  The presentations are aimed at introducing
people to Amateur satellites, then exploring how they can get on them
easily, using basic equipment that they may already have up, or simple (but
effective) and inexpensive home brew beams.

My antics on SO-35 from trains and trams has also raised general awareness
of satellite activities.  I suspect it's no coincidence that VK3 is by far
the most common prefix on the FM birds down this way, and has been for most
of the last year. :-)

>     I am waiting for your kindly answer.
> best 73 de IW9ELR Rosario, nick Roy, in jm68pd Palermo
> p.s.: sorry for my bad and terrible english
> 73

Stick with it, if you make your activities known widely enough, someone will
get the satellite bug, and will turn to you for advice.  When this happens,
give them as much encouragement and assistance as you can.  Persistance will
win out in the end.

I'm even getting non hams curious wehen I talk about satellites. :-)
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