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Re: Still having problems, PB & PG.

In article <>, Peter
Rogers <progers@lightspeed.ca> writes

>Hi out there, I am still having some minor problems with PG and PB
>I am trying to run on a DX4-100, I do not want run Wisp on my Pentium
>as there are no slots left to control the antenna's and the FT 736
>freq, and nobudget to upgrade to PCI stuff to clear the ISAI slots, so
>I am trying to use the old PB and PG programs.

Providing you have W95 or newer on the DX4-100, you will have no
problems running the 32 bit version of WiSP. I used one for about 5
years running it in both 16 and 32 bit modes.

>can someone please point me in the right direction

No problem.

HL02-11 is the broadcast callsign.

For uploading to the BBS, use HL02-12.


Ken Collins - G4FIP
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