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RE: An V/U antenna for LEOs? Collinear's are not really Omni Directional

> There's no such thing as a free lunch, right?  A collinear 
> gets its gain, by
> giving gain at the horizon, so, as you said, it actually isn't a good
> satellite antenna.  I had the experience once of hearing 
> U0MIR get very loud
> on 146.55 as he approached the horizon.  I called him, and he 
> responded, but
> missed the last letter of my call--and of course he was gone below the
> horizon before I could get him to correct my call in the log. -s-

I worked U8MIR under similar conditions, as Mir passed over the horizon.

> that a Spanish (EA) station posted to this list that he's made some
> successful low angle contacts to North America, including 
> Mike when he was
> FP/.  So, I guess from an extremely good location, it can work.

Depends on the antenna.  I routinely work satellites down to a couple of
degrees above the horizon with a portable setup.  The key is the antenna
(4dBi on 2m, 7dBi on 70), or an EIRP of 0.25 - 12W on 2m, and 2.5 - 20W EIRP
on 70cm.
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