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Attention S band experts -activity report and shuttle s band mystery 2217 but no 2250 or 2287

During this shuttle mission I have been playing with the shuttles S band signal
which on sts92 10 16 00 is on 2217.5      I think it runs 10-13 DBW to a
patch selected to favor the TDRSS but sometimes its quite favorable to
the ground, so I get the shuttle to fly thru my antenna beam (a 9 foot tvro 
I run a block downconverter to a satellite reciever and tap the 510 IF out of
that to either a reciever or spectrum analyzer. I got about 40db C/N today
in a 30khz bw. They were supposedly transmitting FMTV maybe on 2250
but I didnt see anything but the 2217.5 mhz which by the way
had no carrier at all and just two sidebands and their harmonics, 4 or 5 of 
I was expecting to find them on 2287.5 and maybe get their FMTV on 2250
but there is nothing there that holds a candle to the shuttle data 
carrier(if its
on the right antenna thus unblocked) So is there someone there who
knows which antenna the FMTV is going to be on and what its true freq is?

Horn antenna
A 1 foot apeture antenna with horn feed picks up shuttle OK when used
with one of the new R3 recievers and I notice the sprint PCS towers
put out noise when I point at them, either thru overload or they really
pump out spectrum all the way up at 2.217 so whats up with that?

Well got to go try the shuttle again but let me know who else is messing
with S band, what I did was to put a triple motor sat dish together that
spins on its mount, does normal polar mount, and does elevation trim with
a second arm, and its amazing that it will point almost anywhere t`

Other Junk
By the way this setup tunes 2.15-2.7 and the microwave ovens really overload
the satellite reciever when its suppertime.

Also there seem to be commercial carriers at 2.35 GHz that are just
spread spectrums a meg wide, I dont know who they are yet,
and there is no sign of that digital radio broadcast stuff starting up yet
in the 2.31-2.35 range.
I guess I would get p3d pretty good with this thing other than some
freq drift because of my downconverter, if it gets up there OK.....
Havent caught any of the other S band hamsats, just these government ones.

Where to get this stuff? Well probably nowhere its about 8 years old.
The 9 foot dish is a wilson tvro on a totally custom mount.
The converter and feed were for 'arabsat' and were triple band,
made by chapparal 2.5-2.7 3.7-4.2 and 11.7-12.2,
but the converter is made by cal amp and works well as an LNA on 1.7ghz
because the IF doenst cover that band and the LNA has enough gain
to just pump it straight through...

Oh and TDRSS has a few weak carriers but nothing that sticks way out.
And those russian satellites that transmitted tracking carriers near 2304
dont seem to be there anymore. Those used to come in no matter where
you point.. What year was the soviet union split apart?

Well I hope to find some other people that have been messing with S band
so bye for now...

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