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Still having problems, PB & PG.

	Hi out there, I am still having some minor problems with PG and PB
I am trying to run on a DX4-100, I do not want run Wisp on my Pentium as
there are no slots left to control the antenna's and the FT 736 freq, and no
budget to upgrade to PCI stuff to clear the ISAI slots, so I am trying to
use the
old PB and PG programs.

Equipment :-
FT 736 R plus preamps in the shack
DSP 2232 TNC
FODTRACK interface
Yaesu G-5400B rotator
M² antenna's (linear Yagi's)
DX4-100 to control antenna's and freq's
Advantage 486/33 Laptop to use the PG and PB programs.

	Signals are great, 20-40 over 9 on 70cm on KO-25, S9 on the others,
am receiving data ok, getting directories and some complete messages for ALL,
but, I cannot decode the text, it doesn't seem to be there, dir's are set
up as per
manual, ie the main dir is DIGISAT, in that there are the sats dir's and
PG and PG .exe are in there also.

	I would be very interested to hear how others have their directories set
up and what settings on the TNC.     **That covers receiving.

	Uploads just don't work, the program is WAITING for the callign, now just
as I was typing this I thought "Callsign" do I have the callsign correct, I
have been
putting that down as (KO-25) HL02-11, should that be HL02-12??? anyway I push 
"U" for upload and it waits for the callsign, then the screen shows 
C HL02-11
? Bad
can someone please point me in the right direction

Many thanks for reading this rather long help call.

73 Peter VE7AHX.

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