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RE: Great weekend - rec first satellites

> Hi all, I had a great weekend running around the back yard 
> pointing my new
> Arrow hand held beam and trying to learn how to receive some of the
> satellites on my HT.

Hehe, it is a bit of fun. :-)

> Was amazed at the success I had and learned a lot in one 
> short weekend.

Like my first time on FM, just over a year ago.  I just pulled out a pair of
HTs, with high performance whips, noticed the S9+20 signal from SO-35 and
decided if it was that strong, just put out a call and what the heck... and
bagged a contact! :-)  From there, things have been refined a bit, and the
odd unusual QSO has ensued, like last night's chat to ZL from the tram. :-)

> My TH-D7A was picking up APRS data on some of the digital 
> satellites and
> the very fast pace voice contacts on the analog satellites 
> were interesting
> to listen to.

They can be.  Speaking of voice contacts, I think someone was working on a
page which points to other sites where there is recorded audio on the web of
satellite contacts.  In any case, it would be good to hear how things work
in various parts of the world.

> I would especially like to thank Bob Bruninga for the talks 
> he made at TAPR
> DCC and the posting of the "work the satellites using a 
> mobile whip" - See,
> I have had interest in the satellites but was put off by what 
> I thought was
> required to work the satellites.  Bob's talk and posting help stir my
> interest and got me thinking  if he can work the satellites 
> with a mobile
> whip maybe I can have some fun using the HT and beam.

That's a popular misconception that you need a huge antenna array for the
satellites.  Sure, for AO-10, you do need a good OSCAR array, but not for
the LEOs (well, you shouldn't, but the alligators can sometimes make it more
difficult than it should be...).  I have been doing a series of
presentations down here on satellite operation (got another one on Friday
night - blatent plug at the bottom of this email! :) )., aimed at getting
people started on the satellites, with samples of the gear I use, and where
possible, a live demonstration of satellite operation from a simple portable
station or a typical terrestrial setup.

And now for the plug!  If you're in Melbourne (Australia, not Florida! :) )
this Friday, I will be doing a presentation aimed at the beginner to
satellites on this Friday evening.  The presentation will include a demo of
satellite tracking and some (limited quantity) of free software (Winorbit,
and some pointers to useful places, such as the AMSAT site).  Unfortunately,
the birds won't be kind, but there are two windows for a live demo.  The
first just before 8PM local time, i.e. before 09:00z, (if I get to the club
rooms on time!) will be on RS-13 in the middle of the passband (29.480 USB).
We will be running 50W into a 1/4 wave on 2 metres and using either a beam
or a dipole on 10m.

If there are people still around at 10:42 PM local (11:42z), we will try
UO-14 with 2W into the portable dual band beam from outside the club rooms.

If anyone wants to physically attend, they can get the details off me in
private email, but satellite operators on air in the region would be much
appreciated during those two time slots.  Keep an ear out for VK3JED or
VK3APC this Friday on the birds!
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