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Re: RS-13 in VK, anyone for skeds?

Hello Hamish!

16 Oct 00 19:03, you wrote to 'amsat-bb@amsat.org':

 HM> Well Tony, I can work RS-13 quite easily using just verticals
 HM> (5/8 on 2m, multiband for HF). I posted a message on
 HM> aus.radio.amateur.misc trying to find someone for a sked but
 HM> never actually arranged anything. And it's not much fun
 HM> working someone who you can (just about) hear on simplex anyway!

Hehe, well, you're not real strong on packet here, and u certainly won't hear
me portable. :-)

Hard to get answers to calls on rs-13.  Might have to do the drum up. :-)

Tony, VK3JED

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