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RE: Thanks


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From: Bob Bruninga
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Sent: 16/10/2000 12:13
Subject: RE: [amsat-bb] Thanks

> With good portable antennas, 0.5W is enough for Mode B on SO-35, and
> is rock solid on UO-14's Mode J uplink!  

"good" is a relative term...   Can I make a request...
THis is a satellite Special Interest Group.  Can we try to encourage all
posters to either state power levels in ERP (Effective Radiated Power)
...OR... in WATTS and always state the gain of the antenna or if you
know that, then what type antenna it is.   WIthout one or the other,
statements are not very useful and may be missleading to newcomers.

Well, in terms of ERP, try approximately 0.7W on 2m and around 2W on 70cm.
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