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If you've heard enough about APRS, DELETE this
If you will be operating a JOTA station this coming weekend for Scouts,
this may be useful...

WHile waiting between Satellite passes for Jamboree-On-the-Air, Here is
something to keep your Laptops interesting...

JOTA APRS STATIONS: Please add "SCOUTS" to your MESSAGE GROUPS so you can
receive generic messages to SCOUTS.  Once every hour or so send a ONE LINE
message to SCOUTS so that people will see your callsign.  (Include
your TROOP, DISTRICT & COUNCIL in your posit comment).  Please set your
ICON to the SCOUT Icon (for D7 and D700's, the code is /,)

To WORK stations, do NOT send traffic to SCOUTS.  Look at their
FROM-CALL and send them a message DIRECT to their call.  The IGates will
automatically forward your packets back to RF.  The result is worldwide
JOTA communications from your HT, Mobile or APRS JOTA station display.

Once the IGates see traffic between stations A and B, then they will send
a POSIT so you can see each other on the map.  Thats how APRServe works.

If your APRS program does not have MESSAGE GROUPS, then set them in your
D700 or D7(g).  Then check the message list periodically to see the
sending callsign to give you a target to reply to.  Of course this is all
dependent on getting your local IGate SYSOP to include "SCOUTS" in his
gate-to-RF list.

See you on the air on JOTA!
de WB4APR-7

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