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RE: An V/U antenna for LEOs?

> After almost 8 years since my last contact via satellite, I'm 
> trying to
> back again to this world. I've been listening with a walkie and rubber
> duckie antenna some UO-14 and UO-11 pases and surprisingly, the signal
> was really great!.
> Now I look for an aerial, that permits me to work these LEOs (SO-35,
> UO-14, FO-20, FO-29, etc) with a 50 watts dual band multimode rig... I
> tried to test a egg-beater antenna, but I'm unable to find the RG-62
> cable... Will a low gain vertical do the job? O:-)

Probably the simplest way to get in is with a couple of handhelds and a
small beam, and work the LEOs portable.  You should be able to get good
signals into them, provided the alligators don't drown you out...

With omnis, you have the problem of relatively marginal signals, especially
on 70cm.  You will need a good masthead preamp for your 70cm downlink,
especially with an omni.

For high elevation passes, you can try a 2m 1/4 wave (3/4 on 70).  This
setup works well for those passes which are above around 30-40 degrees
elevation, but not at low elevations.

For me, I use a home made dual beam and run between 0.5 and 5W for the FM
satellites.  Full details can be found on my site at
http://www.qsl.net/vk3jed/2m70cmant1html.html  The design, as well as a
couple of MP3 recordings, taken from the downlink Rx which was on the beam
at the time, is on this page, so you can hear how it performs on air.  You
will need a MP3 player (e.g. WinAmp or a recent version of Windows Media
player) to hear the audio tracks.
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