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RS-13 in VK, anyone for skeds?

Finally got round to trying the portable setup on RS-13.  The equipment was
as follows:

2m uplink - Standard C58 with matching 25W power amp into a 2 element Yagi.
10m downlink - Dragon SS-201 all mode HT with 5' hemical CB whip (tuned to

Power source for the 2m gear was a 6.5AH SLA battery, the Dragon has its own
NiMH batteries.

Had excellent results with a good signal into the bird for most of the
almost overhead pass.  Only uplink problem was that I can't tune while
transmitting, so have to Tx in short bursts with some VFO spinning in
between. :-)  The downlink needs a bit more work, as I'm not getting a great
signal on the 10m whip, and a bit much noise for my liking.  Any suggestions
for a more suitable (and still portable) antenna would be welcomed.  I was
thinking of trying an inverted V made out of wire, with a pole in the
middle, and the ends held down by weights or tent pegs (if over grass) with
string to attach the ends of the wire to.

Anyway, if anyone in the VK/ZL area wants to try working me via RS-13,
please let me know via the BB or email. :-)  Due to the setup involved, I
will have to restrict operations to weekend afternoon/evening passes only.

Tony Langdon. 
Systems Development and Support. 
ATC Training Australasia.  Level 2 321 Exhibition St Melbourne  3000. 
Phone:  1300 13 1983     WWW:  http://www.atctraining.com.au 
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