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Re: An V/U antenna for LEOs?

On Sun, 15 Oct 2000, Frank Grossman wrote:

> Interesting comments about omni antennas... I've done most of my
> operating with a 19 in. dual band whip...
> I tried UO-14 with my FT-2700RH set up at my parents' place where I have an
> omni 6 dB gain collinear on the roof at about 30 feet, and  have been unable
> to hear it.

Yep, I think that is my point.  Our base station omni's can probably
suffer up to about 10 to 30 dB of loss before we decide its worth going up
on the roof to see what is the matter.  VHF repeaters have so much margin
we forget what weak signals are really like.  A mobile driving to work
suffers 30 dB fades every few feet of his drive, but it is not till we
get to the fringe of our repeater coverage that we begin to hear these

But a satellite to your car roof is the same signal everyone else is
getting and so you will have no better chance of hearing it than with your
HT than anything else. (with comparable antennas). 

AND the flip side is that if one cannot hear a LEO bird on his HOME
station omni at the center of the pass above say 30 deg, then it is time
to replace the coax!  I learned this lesson a few weeks ago when for the
first time I thought I would stay inside and was amazed at how poor the
signal was on my "hardline" installation...


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