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An V/U antenna for LEOs?


After almost 8 years since my last contact via satellite, I'm trying to
back again to this world. I've been listening with a walkie and rubber
duckie antenna some UO-14 and UO-11 pases and surprisingly, the signal
was really great!.

Now I look for an aerial, that permits me to work these LEOs (SO-35,
UO-14, FO-20, FO-29, etc) with a 50 watts dual band multimode rig... I
tried to test a egg-beater antenna, but I'm unable to find the RG-62
cable... Will a low gain vertical do the job? O:-)

How do you work these sats? Please, feel free to write at my own address
with your antena set-up and the performance you got with it... I need
some ideas!

Thanks in advance!

|    Miguel A. Vallejo    |
|   ea4eoz@jazzfree.com   |

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