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RE - PK-96 and Pacsat Reception

Doug, I had similar difficulty a few weeks ago as I brought my digital
station on line.
The mistake I made is that I didn't configure WISP properly with the call
signs of the sub components of the satellite. Those being: Broadcast
Callsign, BBS callsign, and NUP callsign. For instance the Broadcast and BBS
callsign for KO-25 are HL02-11 and HL02-12 respectively. If these are not
correct, you'll see the text "frames heard from..." in the MSPE window, but
you won't be able to process files or see directories entries, and you won't
be able to transmit properly to the satellite. I use a Symek TNC3S and with
this unit, it was also necessary to specify port 1 as the transmit port
under the TNC setup for each satellite.


Hi all-

I have been working a little at a time to receive files (and later
uplink) from some of the 9600 birds. At this point I have 4-5 minutes of
good downlink signal running from S3-S6, working from Bob Bruninga's 20"
whip and chicken wire design.

 A trial download of WISP has been setup and is running on my computer,
schedules correctly and activates MSPE when the bird should be here, but

My PK-96 receives 1200 BAUD from APRS just fine , and with HBAUD set to
9600 I can get UI packets from the birds on a dumb terminal program
hooked to the rig's 9600 port.

I've gotten some good help from individuals but must still be missing the
big picture - am probably asking the wrong questions about PK-96 command
settings, etc.

Can anyone point me to a web site where a "pacsat primer" can be found -
a comprehensive beginner's lesson?

Thanks and 73,


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