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SGP4 BASIC source code wanted (fwd)

Steve Dimse <k4hg@tapr.org> wrote:

> The Americas Challenge balloon race is well underway, though it looks 
> like perhaps half of the [APRS] entrants never got airborne (or their
> trackers  are defunct). You can follow the action at a special web page
> on findu:

> http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/aibf.cgi

> This is a very cool use of APRS!

This kind of thing is exactly what APRS was designed for.  Of over 1000
balloons, maybe 30? had APRS Ham equip on board, of the 25 world class
cross country GAS balloons delayed for a day or more by weather, I think
about half had APRS and when I checked earilier I think I saw 13 moving
across Michigan (Started in New Mexico)

I only see three remaining on the live APRS system http://www.aprs.net
although the special WEB PAGE still shows the last APRS Posit for 8 of the
13 that got past New Mexico...

Why a satellite digi if we can do this terrestrially?  Easy.  At several
thousand feet, we can track em.  WHen they hit the ground in the middle of
the night (gas cools at night) 100 miles from nowhere in Canada, they
would be happy to wait a few hours to get a satllite posit out...

de WB4APR, Bob

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