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Re: SASAT2-11

Information such as uplink frequencies, call signs and telemetry 
coefficients will be published when commissioning is completed.  The 
uplinks are being withheld during this period to help reduce interference 
and allow commissioning to proceed faster.  Likewise call signs.  Telemetry 
coefficients are still being tuned so it would be premature to publish them 
Work is progressing.  The store and forward software was tested on Saudisat 
1b today and worked just fine.  The first Whole Orbit Data was collected 
and is being analyzed.  Further software will be uploaded and more tests 
run tomorrow.
Reception reports are welcome.  Right now Saudisat-1b tends to be on over 
the US when in view of Washington DC.  -1a tends to be on when over 
Riyadh.  Of course this sometimes changes as needed to support 
commissioning activities.
These satellite are completely compatible with the Packsat Broadcast 
Protocol.  WiSP will work just fine with them.  Current equipment that 
works with UO-22 or KO-23/25 will work just fine.  When in FM loop back 
mode you can work them with equipment that works with UO-14 or AO-27.  When 
the transmitter is cranked up to 7 Watts you can hear them very 
nicely.  But don't get to excited, that is considerably above what the 
power system will support for extended periods :-)

I received my AMSAT Journal for September/October today and noted an error 
in the notes about the Saudi birds on page 30.  The downlink for 
Saudisat-1a is 437.075 Mhz, not 435.075 Mhz as published.  Not sure where 
that error crept in but please make a note of the correct frequency.

The guys at KACST are working on a web page but progress is slow because 
they are very busy checking out the birds.  There has been some discussion 
about a representative coming to the Symposium in Portland to give a talk 
about these birds but I haven't heard recently if that is still a possiblity.


At 08:06 PM 10/12/2000 -0400, Bill Hurlock wrote:
>Anyone have the info for Saudisat-1a and b for wisp.
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Via the amsat-bb mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
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