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CI-V and Icom


I'm having some difficulty configuring an IC-821 and was
wondering if anyone could help.

I want to be able to control the 821 solely via a computer.
The radio will be located off site and I will operating the
station via the net.

There are two modes of operation I would like to use:

1) Crossband full duplex packet communication

2) Half duplex operation on a single band

So far, I can only get one mode or the other.  Toggling 
between the two requires a key press on the radio control
panel (that I can't do with a computer).

Mode one is obtained using the satellite mode of the 
transceiver.  Mode J and B can be configured on the radio
via the computer.  However, I have to press the satellite
mode button to get into this state.

Mode two is obtained using offsets and duplex direction,
similar to a repeater.  The audio is received on the subband
but the TNC only receives inputs from the main band.  The
TNC only seems to hear both bands in satellite mode.

I would leave it in satellite mode but then I can't do 
Mode 2.

Anyone have any thoughts?

If this can't be done does anyone have a recommendation for
a good computer controllable radio?   One that is actually
fully computer controllable? 


--Jamie Cutler

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