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Re: digitial/non-digital debate

> You know speaking of "old" technology, yesterday the most advanced
> spacecraft in the world was launched into orbit.  One of the main aides to
> getting it up there were two solid rocket boosters.  Let's see, I think
> solid rockets were developed in China around 1000 years ago!
> Yep, old technology is just useless.  Yep, old technology needs to be
> abandoned....

There is an enormous difference between electronics and rocket boosters.
The electronic revolution is moving at a very fast pace.  If you snooze
in this industry, you lose.  Time to market plays a very big role in whether
a company stays in business or gets replaced by new technology.  The
demand in the electronics industry is customer driven.

Rocket Boosters on the other hand are not a consumer item.  Budget
constraints in researching new fuel technologies and government
politics are some of the controlling factors in the solid rocket booster
market.  We also have government politics hindering certain electronic
technologies from emerging.  One example would be that of Time Domain
right here in Huntsville.  Their impact to the wireless communications
industry has not been realized at this moment, because it is such a paradigm
shift in how we think of electronic communications that it does not fit
within the framework of the FCC regulations.  Of course, it also raises the
noise floor on existing primitive forms of wireless communications even
though their website contradicts this notion.  What Time Domain brings to
the table is a paradigm shift in how we think about utilizing the frequency
spectrum more efficiently.

While older technologies my be a well proven, the world continues to
grow.  This growth places new challenges and demands on the old
technologies that seemed to be sufficient in years past.  The frequency
spectrum has come under very harsh scrutiny in recent years because
of limits that the old technology presents.  We are bound to the limitations
of available frequency spectrum because of primitive modulation
techniques.  This is not likely to change without a paradigm shift.

Every day I see new companies come and go because they refuse to
think outside the box.  Unless you work in a mature industry, this type of
thinking will certainly lead to a company's demise in the electronics
industry. Every day in this industry brings new challenges and hurdles that
are waiting to be solved with new technologies.

It would be interesting to see how this new Ultra Wideband technology
developed by Time Domain would work from space...

New technologies for future satellites...

Tim - N8DEU
Huntsville, Alabama
"The Rocket City"

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