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Re: digitial/non-digital debate

Hello Joseph!

11 Oct 00 16:05, you wrote to All:

 JM> Thanks for the response.    Like yourself I have difficulty in
 JM> rationalizing the analog versus digital as we current use the analog.
 JM>  You are quite correct in that someone will have to try.     If

That's what ham radio is all about.  Experimenting!!! :-)

 JM> digital turns out to mean a turn in the Amateur methology that is
 JM> more
 JM> representive of commercial use of the spectrum , how will that benefit
 JM> the hobby.    It is difficult to see that far .      Strange but
 JM> interesting situation when my first satellite contact was CW on Oscar
 JM> 3 ( Mar 1965 ) .
 JM> Again thanks for the response Tony.

It's interesting for everyone.  Really, we live in interesting times, and I
hope we can move ahead and play with the digital modes.  As I've said all
along, analog still has many years left behind, and we'll need the old modes as
a benchmark to compare the digital modes against anyway.  And P3D will be the
ideal test bed, with both modes being available on the same bird at the same

As for something really old, I've also dabbled in CW on RS-13 (Mode A to boot!
:) ), and had a bit of fun, and am thinking of having a go at the SKN at the
end of the year. :-)

Tony, VK3JED

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