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Re: Use your fair share

Hello Jon!

11 Oct 00 23:45, you wrote to All:

 JO> I couldn't agree more.  The "myth" is that they are "easy" because
 JO> they can be worked with an HT and a handheld antenna.  RS-13 is a much
 JO> easier beast to fool with.  I cut my teeth there, moved to the FO
 JO> birds and then to AO-10.  It was quite a while before I even ventured
 JO> on to AO-27 (for one because I am not normally home during the day but
 JO> I wanted to learn to operate satellites).  I've still never gotten on
 JO> SO-35.
 JO> It's much easier to learn doppler, antenna tracking, etc. when you can
 JO> fool around and listen to your downlink and not interfere with other
 JO> people making a QSO.

My first satellite experience was about 8 years ago on RS-10.  Now there's a
bird I miss!  Even with rudimentary 10m gear, that bird was dead easy to work,
much more so than RS-13.

My more recent satellite operations have been on FM, starting with a single QSO
from a HT on the first FM pass I ever heard (might have been a VK4, if I
recall).  From that experience was born the crazy idea of working SO-35 from a
tram, but that's another story... ;-)

Tony, VK3JED
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