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Radio Tracking Fun

Hello All,

A lurker here. I just found an interesting web article at
http://www.tmmc.org/artemistracking.htm that at least Bob B. and the APRS
crowd will be interested in. (Tracking an endangered Stellar Sealion with

In addition, yesterday I found the Goddard Space Center SimSat site for all
you balloon - "non-orbital satellite" enthusiasts:
http://simsat.gsfc.nasa.gov/ssmiss.htm (Great project for any Ham with
extra time!)

While all this may have more to do with the Education list (which seems to
be inactive and therefore posted here), I thought that there are some very
interesting things happening that could help to find "that one kid" as
talked about several weeks ago, as well as help define some of the "public
service," education, and other (technical?) sometimes seemingly heated
debates of late.

But above all else, it all looks like fun (and technical) "radio" stuff to
me. "It's a hobby, it's a hobby, it's a ..."

And for anyone who is interested in "advising" some Russian and Buryat kids
start a "Radio Sport Club" please check out our project
http://www.nerpa.net/eso/ It's in a GREAT location! For more:

O.J. Lougheed ex-N5JXU, Irkutsk, Siberia

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