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RE: Use your fair share

> hmmm... 20% of the satellite time. i think you have to go and 
> listen to a pass 
> that you find me on. i can say hello to everyone that i so 
> desire in about 15 
> seconds. then, i help those that are having difficulty making 
> a contact. i have 
> helped ht users complete contacts with stations they were 
> trying to get and 
> got stomped on. i helped n1jez in fn34 make a contact with 
> k4qff/ti8 in ej79 
> when the satellite just poped up for mike above horizon. i 
> try to contact those 
> that keep repeating their call and send them email and 
> explain to them how 
> to correct for doppler as they obviously do not hear the satellite. 

Hardly what I'd call "poor operating".  By the sounds of it, there needs to
be more people like you on the birds. :-)

> also, i said that i treat the fm satellites as if it were a 
> contest. this is the 
> reason why i stated...you have to be accurate and fast. not 
> that it is a contest 
> but if you treat it that way, you can maximize your contacts 
> and contacts of 
> others.

Indeed.  It's a case of get on, exchange the necessary details, and get out
to give someone else a go.
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