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Re: Use your fair share

>Obviously, you've never worked UO-14!  Obviously, you've never worked
>Bruce!  YOU are the one who should be ashamed of himself.  I had the
>distinct pleasure of working Bruce as my first Sat contact ever, and
>additionally, he's around and helps ALOT of people to get more enjoyment
>out of the mode.

Agreed.  Bruce is very helpful and very efficient with his contacts, while
still keeping them as "legal" contacts.  I have enjoyed hearing the many "HI
MIKE IT'S JOE - HI JOE, FROM MIKE" contacts, completely void of any callsign
exchanged.  That's a little too brief....

>Yeah, it's a lot of the same people every time, but
>tonight, I worked 4 new stations that I had never heard before.

That's true too, but David, to be fair, in your effort to make what, 15(!)
contacts on the last pass(?), you called right over top of the TI5/8 as I
called him repeatedly in vain only to hear you calling other stations over
and over again.  Hey, I'm prepared to (and will) put up the AZ-EL /
Cushcraft setup I bought so I can compete with you when I need to complete a
contact, but I do so reluctantly as that too isn't the right approach.

I think the original point was: look, there are guys with weak signals
trying to work the FM LEO's - beating the crap out of Reggie isn't going to
solve anything and certainly doesn't diminish the validity of his point.
Having the same guys get on and work each other over and over and over again
isn't helping them at all.  Parenthetically, earning a 5000 contact award
for working the same 10 guys for 25-50% of the contacts is pretty lame from
my perspective, and not really in the spirit of the "award".

Let's just pull it back a notch and give everyone a "fair chance" to make
some contacts.  It's really pretty simple.

David, NA2AA

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