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Re: Use your fair share

Obviously, you've never worked UO-14!  Obviously, you've never worked 
Bruce!  YOU are the one who should be ashamed of himself.  I had the 
distinct pleasure of working Bruce as my first Sat contact ever, and 
additionally, he's around and helps ALOT of people to get more enjoyment 
out of the mode.  Though I really do like the transponder birds (Of which I 
work often), I still LOVE getting on UO14 in the evenings before turning in 
for the night.  Yeah, it's a lot of the same people every time, but 
tonight, I worked 4 new stations that I had never heard before.

Next time you decide to open your mouth without knowing what you're talking 
about, check to make sure your foot isn't poised to fly into it!

Dave, N8KXA
Proud to be a UO-14 User

At 07:19 10/11/00 -0500, you wrote:
>*** Bruce Paige wrote:
>>why do i like uo-14, so-35 and ao-27? why are they my favorite satellites?
>>name any other amateur satellite that you can make a contact with 30 
>>people in a single 15 minute pass?
>You should be ashamed to admit this.  Don't you hear
>the newbies frustated at not being able to make contacts
>because some people hog the satellite?   There are no
>novice bands for them to learn satellite operating skills so
>with people like you turning the satellites into a perpetual
>contest they just give up.
>Do you really think its fair for you to use 20% of the
>satellite time ?
>Reggie Gleesen
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